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Informační zdroje pokrývající oblast Ruska, baltických států a dalších zemí bývalého Sovětského svazu.
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CIS and Baltic Newspapers

The Universal Database of CIS and Baltic Newspapers includes a number of authoritative periodicals published in the Newly Independent States of the former Soviet Union. The sources are in Russian and in English, and cover various issues of domestic and international importance. AP-Blitz, an information agency, offers its daily news line Tajikistan News in Brief. Another important publication from the same region is The Times of Central Asia, a business weekly published in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkmenistan are represented with official newspapers while Ukraine, Moldova and Latvia are represented with the most popular business titles. There are also newspapers from Lithuania, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, and the database continues to expand.

Social Sciences & Humanities

Journals on sociology, philosophy, history, economy, pedagogics, politology, and law. Many of the humanitarian periodicals are exclusive to this database, published by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Individual Titles

  • Far Eastern Affairs
  • Social Sciences 
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