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  • in the library you can find mostly specialized journalist, economic and basic humanities literature from the 18th to the present - see online catalogue
  • the most recent books are located in the open-shelf at the Hollar Library (open-shelf or CSI handbooks) or Opletalova
  • other books are located in depositories and need to be ordered in advance
  • more information about the collection

Borrowing a book at the FSS

The book is in the Reading Room

  • Hollar
    • books to be found in-person in the library 
    • journalist and media literature is arranged by signature - marked as Reading Room - mass media in the catalog
    • general literature is arranged by disciplines (within the disciplines by signature) - marked as Reading Room - discipline (for example, sociology)
    • books labeled with a white stripe can be taken home
  • Opletalova
    • find the book in-person in the Reading Room
    • books are arranged by signature, marked as Library IES - open-shelf in the catalog
    • books labeled with red and yellow stripes can be borrowed home

The book is in the depository

The book is to be ordered via the on-line catalog - guide

Order periods

Krystal depository 3 days to one week
Lešetice depository 3 to 4 weeks
Místnost 12 while you wait or until the next day
SVI chodba while you wait or until the next day