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Cannot find the book you need? Look if you find it on-line. As FSS students and employees you have access to a great deal of electronic books from prestigious world publishers.  

E-books can be both viewed and lent as a classical book.

You can use, for example, these databases:

Electronic versions of books and journals can be found also in the FSS digital library

We can lend you an e-book reader for your comfort


In cooperation with other CU libraries, we have scanned the popular and less accesible books from our collection. The books are available in the CU digital repository on all the computers in the CU libraries. We can provide you with printed copies of books from our collection on request. See more about the project eprezenčka.

How to find e-prezenčka?

Click the icon E-prezenčka on the desktop, which will log you onto the secured space of the CU digital repository. The password can be obtained at the counter. Scanned documents can be viewed only, but we can provide you with their copies on request.