Public service broadcasting 3.0

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Mira Burri
Public service broadcasting 3.0

This book explores whether and how PSB should adapt to reflect the conditions of the digital media environment, so that it can effectively and efficiently continue to serve its public mandate in an environment of technological complexity and change. The book draws on the rich literature in media and communication science on media governance as well as evolving cyberlaw discussions, at the same time taking into account and feeding back to other broader global governance debates, such as on how law and technology interact and how law adapts in the face of technological change, as well as on how to sustain global public goods in a fragmented and complex governance ecology. The book maps and critically analyses existing policy and scholarly debates on PSB transformation framing this in a solid legal theoretical framework. It goes on to advance a future-oriented model of Public Service Media, which is capable of matching an environment of governance and technological complexity and fluidity and which is not bound to certain national specificities.


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