• we provide both in-house loans and outside loans
  • students and the CU staff can take home books labeled with a white stripe on the spine (statuses Regular loan in the on-line catalog)
  • the most of the collection is located in the external depositories (Krystal, Lešetice) and the books can be ordered via the on-line catalog in advance or in person at the library
  • external users can study all books of the library’s collection in the Reading Room)


How to register with us?

Charles University students and employees register for free, but must have a valid student/employee card.

you are


you need

Charles University student

3 years

Charles University student card

Charles University employee

5 years

Charles University employee card


1 year

ID or another card

external user card


external users

(exchange programmes, internships)

during the internships

internship card


Overdue fines payment

  • cash
  • bank card (Hollar, Jinonice)
  • bank transfer:
    • Account number: 85033011/0100
    • Variable Symbol: 100170
    • Specific Symbol: our ID number (find below your photograph on the ISIC)
    • Message for recipient: your First name and Surname

Printing and copying


  • in the library you can print and copy in A4 and A3 format in black and white
  • you need an ID card of a student/employee /external user of Charles University for printing and copying
  • we will re-charge your credit at the lending counter
  • printing from computers is possible after login
  • a scanner is available in the study room

How to print

Log in to your computer under your password, prepare a document for printing, send to a (already set up) printer, and after attaching your student card/ISIC to the reader, the document will be printed. You need to have enough credit; money will be deposited on your card by the librarian.

Copying takes place in a similar way after the card has been attached to the reader. We do not allow copies to be taken from the newspapers with damaged binding and from older copies. However, you can make a photocopy with your own digital camera.

Copies on request

  • We will make a limited amount of copies of diploma theses, large format materials, and materials with restricted access - order
  • We will make copies of books from our collection, order via catalogue - find the book you want and click on Copy - you will be informed once the copy has been made.


Consultatitons and Searches


  • We will advise you how to search for the necessary materials
  • We will teach you how to work with electronic information resources
  • We will recommend the procedure for processing quotations in your professional thesis
  • contact: reserse (at)


  • This is a list of the available literature on the topic
  • We will find out what literature is available on your topic
  • This is a paid service
  • We do not process searches in the case of seminar theses and Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, but we will be happy to advise you how to create them
  • Price list
  • contact: reserse (at)