General questions

How to become a library reader?

By completing the electronic application form. In order to register, you need your personalized card of UK/ISIC UK.

Do I still remain a library reader upon interruption/completion of studies?

Once you have interrupted/completed your studies, your registration in CVI library expires as well; to this day, it is necessary to settle all your obligations towards the library (i.e. return books, if necessary - pay the fees, etc.). In case you want to continue to use the library, you must obtain a license of external user of services and to re-register.

What data do I use to log in into computers?

Use the same log-in as to the SIS, log-in = abbreviation of the last name (no number). The password can be checked or changed at https://ldap1.cuni.cz/.

What is the password for wi-fi?

The main network is Eduroam whose password you can set at https://ldap1.cuni.cz/. The password to the network of FSV Open (for visitors) can be found in the library at the counter.

What do I have to leave in the locker and where will I get the key?

First of all, any drinks and food. Then - coat, jacket and larger backpack. You will be given the key at the circulation desk upon presentation of your card. The key is to be returned on the same day by the end of library opening hours.

Can I bring snack to the library (e.g. from the café)?

No. This could damage the books. Allowed is only water in the bottle with the cap. You can consume any other refreshments at a table near the entrance, in the front yard or in the café.

I am writing my theses. Where can I find information about citation ethic and bibliographic citation?

What is a bibliographic citation and why do we use citations you cand find in Bibliographic citation guide or this Handbook How to Avoid Plagiarism.

Are there toilets in the library?

Not in the library. Please use the toilets in the building.

Loans and orders

How are the books listed in the library?

The free access books are listed by their study discipline (in the catalogue a column COLLECTION, for example study room - sociology, study room - mass media, etc.) and within it in the ascending order of signatures (detail on a green label, for example  NII-1884).

Can I borrow the books with a red stripe?

Books with a red stripe are only for in-house use and only the books with a white label indicating a collection may be borrowed.

Can I borrow an in-house book?

Yes, in exceptional cases, an hour before the closing time of the library, but only until the next day until 12:00. In addition, you can borrow such a book on Friday for the weekend until Monday 12:00. A librarian on-duty decides on in-house loans.

Can I extend the loan period over internet or only in person in the library?

You can extend the loan period in the catalogue after you have logged in (https://ckis.cuni.cz), but only if the loan period has not expired yet and there is no reservation placed on the book.

Can I return the loaned book in any library of Charles University, for example in Jinonice?

No. The book must be returned in the branch where it has been borrowed.

Is it possible to pay the late fees on the spot with a card or online?

Yes. Credit card payments are possible.

Where can I place the book which I studied in-house?

Please place the books in the cart or leave them on the table; never place them back on the book shelf.

How long does it take to complete orders from the warehouse/depository?

In case of Krystal depository, delivery will take up to three working days, from Lešetice depository up to 30 days. From Warehouse 1 / Warehouse 2 and Opletalova-warehouse, order fulfilment takes up to 2 hours, after 4pm the next working day.

Can I order a book from another library to the library of FSV?

We do not secure loans from Prague libraries; you can use inter-library loan services to order books from other libraries in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (mvs@fsv.cuni.cz).

I have lost, damaged, or cannot find the loaned book. What should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible and we will discuss the ways how to resolve the situation. The book can be replaced with the same title. In the case it is no longer available, we will request financial compensation.

Printing, copying and scanning

Can I use the money put on the card in another library of Charles University or school canteen?

For printing and copying, you can only use a credit charged in the libraries in Hollar and Opletalova.

How do I find out about the remaining credit?  

The remaining credit will appear after logging into the printer and selecting "Secure Print". In addition, a librarian at the circulation desk can tell you the credit after you have presented your identity card.

What is the minimum amount I must have in my account to be able to print and copy?

You must have such a minimum amount that corresponds to the price of the task you want to print/copy. It is not possible to send a task from the PC to the printer without sufficient credit.

Can I send the tasks for print from my computer?

No, you must use designated computers on the premises of the library.

Can I print/copy even though I'm not a FSV student/employee or my log-in into PC doesn’t work, or I have forgotten to bring my ISIC card, etc.?

Yes, it is possible. Ask the librarian for help.

Can I print in colour? What is the price?

Yes, it is now possible to print in colour; the price is 5CZK per 1 A4 page. Prior to sending a task, remember to check that you have correctly set black and white/colour printing.


Is it possible to access final (diploma) theses from my home?

Yes, via repository. However, only the theses submitted after 2006 are available there.

Is it possible to access from my computer scanned newspapers from Kramerius?

Yes, at the website kramerius.fsv.cuni.cz. However, you will get full access only to such documents that are not subject to copyright, i.e. issued more than 70 years ago.

I need old Czech newspapers. How will I know that they are available in their electronic form in Kramerius, for instance, or in another Prague library?

In the case you are looking for the newspapers published after the year 1998, then you should direct your question to the category E-ČASOPISY (E-JOURNALS) in search engine on the website http://pez.cuni.cz/. The main titles are found in the databases Factiva and ProQuest.

It is possible to order older newspapers, available in warehouses, through the catalogue to study in the library in Hollar. Before you do so, please make sure through nationwide register whether they are not already available in their digital form (http://www.registrdigitalizace.cz/rdcz/).

In case of any uncertainty, contact in advance knihovna@fsv.cuni.cz.

I am neither a student nor an employee at FSV; what e-resources can I use in your library?

Most resources are prepaid and can only be used by students and staff at FSV UK, with an exception of freely available resources and magazines.