Library registration renewal

registration renewal

Library registration renewal

Do you need to renew your library registration without having to visit the library in person? The Central library has launched a new online form which enables you to renew your library registration online, from anywhere, anytime. Simply visit their website, click the big red button and follow the instructions. In a few moments your registration will be good as new.

Don't forget to check your address and e-mail during the renewal. If the information is no longer up to date, let us know at and we will update it.

If you're having trouble with the renewal, perhaps you still have a fine which you need to settle, or maybe you lost your affiliation to the university - in that case you need to visit the CU Point to get an external user card.

Have you never been registered in the CU library? Simply fill out the e-application and in a few moments you can enjoy the services of any CU library.