Consumer Psychology

Consumer Psychology

<span>Consumer Psychology</span>

Cathrine V. Jansson-Boyd

Why do people behave and think the way they do?
. What makes people choose certain products and services?
. How does consumption affect our everyday lives?

Informed by psychological theory and supported by research, Consumer Psychology provides an overview to understanding consumer behaviour and underlying thought processes. Written in a clear and accessible style it is an essential read for students of consumer psychology. It is also important reading for anyone studying consumption, whether in marketing, consumer behaviour, sociology, anthropology, business studies, cyber psychology or sustainability.

Psychology is central to an effective understanding of consumer behaviour and this book shows how it can be used to explain why people choose certain products and services, and how this affects their behaviour and psychological well-being.
This book explores key theories from a broad range of psychology disciplines to show how psychology can help explain consumption behaviours. These include:

. Memory and learning
. Perception and attention
. Emotions
. Decision making
. Motivation
. Happiness

This 2nd second edition has been updated with new research throughout and has more in-depth sections on topics such as:

. Motives for and consequences of sharing in a social media environment
. Online gaming and online customized advertising
. Sustainable consumption and how to increase it

Each chapter features an introduction, key terms, summary and study questions or class exercises that encourage you to think critically about the topics covered. Real-life examples including adverts and case studies are included throughout to ensure clear application to everyday life.



ISBN: 978-0-3352-4796-7